Ysl moisturiser review

Ysl touche Eclat Blur Primer review. An illuminating primer that blurs imperfections and boosts the radiance of foundation. Touche Elcat Blur Primer. ysl rouge pur couture The mats : #207 Rose perfecto. 7 days, 7 Lipsticks hi beauties, In this last week of the year, i am going to review. View No7, city light Tinted moisturiser.

Regarding the limited edition part, i believe thats for the bottle design and not the actual fragrance itself. I am so ready to lighten up for Spring and the gorgeous packaging on both. Collector Palettes make me happy — a welcome bonus, as what happens to be on the inside of them makes me even happier. As to the gold liner, before you say that its much too editorial for the average user, think again: a swipe reanimatie along either the upper or lower lash line, some cream mascara a statement lip, and boom: look done, easy-peasy. Black Opium Pure Illusion, this is quite the carnal fragrance thats surprisingly wearable thanks to the addition of both the fruity and gourmand notes which also make it yummy too, i guess. Available at Sephora and ysl online kindly provided by ysl for my unbiased consideration Related).

ysl moisturiser review
hot pink, satin ruby rose, satin, black Opium Pure Illusion, limited edition (can 110.00/50 ml) When ysl fist launched. Opium, i was spellbound — and even though it was potent to the max, it didnt stop me from going through several bottles. Flash forward to the present, and ysl has reimagined that iconic scent by creating. Created by nathalie lorson, Olivier Cresp, marie salamange, and Honourine Blanc, this. Pure Illusion oriental vanilla iteration is infused with all the sensuality and fierceness of the original, but with a vibrantly fresh new presence to counterbalance its smokier side. Notes include: Coffee accord, orange Blossom, cedarwood Essence, patchouli Essence. Fragrance is so personal that its not a one-size-fits-all type of product, and I definitely have more than my share of sensitivities. I happen to like this particular scent — but I need to take it in very light doses (as in, i spray the air in front of me then walk into the mist — hardly ever sprayed directly onto my skin as it can. That said, theres a mysterious and almost hard to pin down quality to it that makes it unique in my book, and a far cry from others in this family. Personally, i also love how it evolves and softens with the wearing, but Id definitely say that its more of an evening scent.
ysl moisturiser review

Ysl touche Eclat Blur Primer review

All have exceptional pigmentation and blendability, while staying power over primer is excellent as well. Icy blue with a grey/lavender flash royal blue with a blue metallic shimmer sheer yellow gold with sparkle icy pink shimmer light blue shimmer, or dior radical couture eyeliner (can.00) a liquid liner with a pointed flocked applicator in a saturated metallic gold hue —. The über-pointed tip is useful for creating a fine, precise line and by turning the applicator slightly on its side, you can create a thicker, more editorial look. Coverage is totally opaque from the get-go and once it sets, its literally budge proof until removed. Pop Illusion Lip Palette collector, limited edition (can.00) five pink-themed shades in one convenient palette (which also includes a lip brush in a range of finishes from sheer to pigmented. As someone who tends to avoid lip palettes in general (mainly because i prefer the ease of a gloss i cant deny that this form of lip product is excellent for creating a customizable shade. Obviously you can use a brush for application, but i actually prefer pressing the colour in with a finger — albeit that is a messier option.

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Top 10 Shampoos for Dry and rough hair 8 Best Drugstore foundations That do not Oxidize. Shade: This shade is named Rose perfecto; and this is the most perfect shade of rose i have ever seen. Mostly, i see rose shades, to be much more of mlbb shades. However, this is the rose which we see in our daily life; a pretty pink, quite hot, yet fresh and muted; and with subtle purple undertones. It is almost the same shade of pink rose; which Salim gave to Anarkali in the film Mughal-e-azam. Infact; this is the original shade of rose; till we started getting so many hybrid varieties of roses. Best of imbb: Best hair Serums for Dry Frizzy hair. Homemade hair Regrowth Oil to Prevent hair Loss. How to lose fat From Face in 30 days.

ysl moisturiser review

I am completely in love, and a total convert (since i am not much of a matte person). Consistency: These lipsticks are just amazing; with a creamy consistency, which is not at all difficult to apply. It does not pull or tug at all. But it sets to a velvety matte finish within 15-20 minutes, and then stays on all day. It goes on quite creamy; then turns matte; but I have never faced any acute dryness of my lips. It is not hydrating; but it is not drying either.

But as with all matte shades; you will have to prepare your lips well before applying. Pigmentation: Just as solid concealers pack the most pigmentation; similarly, the matte lipsticks are the most pigmented of all. And these are really pigmented; providing almost 100 percent pigmentation in just one swipe. Best of imbb: make How to make vitamin c serum At Home 7 Best Pigmentation Creams in India 8 Natural Products to Add Volume to Thin, fine hair 8 ways to tighten Sagging Breasts. How to remove slim pimple marks from Face.

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Intense color pigments for a vibrant touch speedtest of color that lasts. Formulated with Velvet Complex, a combination of spherical powders and silk oil. Rouge pur couture The mats gives your lips the perfect matte finish, a sensual sheen and a 6-hour color hold that never fades or smudges. Apply lipstick from the centre of the lips and work towards the corners of the mouth. To improve lipstick wear, apply touche Éclat to the lip contour. Ingredients: as in the picture, price: 25gbp, my Experience with ysl ranonkel rouge pur couture The mats: #207 Rose perfecto: The ysl lipsticks, as we all know, just scream of luxury. It is so beautiful, coming in a square, golden colored casing, inside a box packaging. These new matte shades were released a few months back, and were being proclaimed as one of the best in the blog world. I got three shades from this collection around 2 months back, and have been wearing these so much since then.

ysl moisturiser review

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I will be reviewing a few lip colors for you, in the next few days, starting with this bold, yet light shade, which will be very suitable for day wear and day time celebrations. I have specifically selected this shade for today; which is hot yet muted; a bold shade yet not a very bold shade; in fact according to kunstenaar me, a perfect Christmassy shade. This is a new launch by ysl, and belongs to the matte group. I had got three shades from this collection last month; and will be reviewing this today; and shade 204 on the last day of 2014. Read these for weight loss: diet Chart for weight Loss, how to lose weight With pcos 10 Best Herbal Pills for weight Loss 10 Best Tricks for lazy people to lose weight. Best diet for pcos to lose weight. About the Product: The must have for the perfect matte lip look. Rich, creamy formula is infused with a velvet complex for a luxuriously smooth application, and jojoba oil for long lasting comfort.

Ysl rouge pur couture The mats: #207 Rose perfecto 7 days, 7 Lipsticks, hi beauties, In this last week of the year, i am going to review seven lipsticks for you. This year was a memorable one for me; what with starting to write for imbb; getting your support; making so many new and lovely friends; getting an insight into so many beauty brands; and along the way, gaining so much self confidence. These lipsticks belong to three brands; one drug store; one medium end; and one high end luxury brand. All these shades will be very suitable on all skin tones; either during day time or evening wear; in this cozy and joyous part of the year. One thing common between these will be the boldness of the shades; be it on lighter side or darker side; no one can dispute their boldness at all. Wish you all a merry Christmas! May creme this day be a very sacred day in our lives, and may we all celebrate, pray and enjoy this day together, with all our family, friends, and countrymen. The year is nearly up; and there are so many memories to look back.

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Brightening things up reuma for Spring, ysls. Pop Illusion Collection is all about light texture but with some hits of vibrant colour — just to keep things interesting, of course. Then theres the mesmerizing packaging details that keep distracting. Follow @ommorphia,, instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest. Bloglovin, pop Illusion couture palette collector, limited edition (can.00) with a mondrian-esque colour blocked design, the colour selection of this palette is deceptive; one usually doesnt think saturation when looking at pastels, but thats exactly what you get here. You can mix and match the shades so that they can be made to work for both day evening, layer them for unexpected new colour combinations, or apply them with a dampened brush for even more depth and intensity. Note that the centre golden hue can be worn on its own, double as highlighter (especially effective at the inner eye corner and along upper cheekbones or patted on top of the deeper hues for an added touch of brilliance.

Ysl moisturiser review
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    Touche Éclat All-In-One Glow Tinted moisturizer is rated.0 out of 5. Favorite, add favorite, upc code, add another, discontinued. This is a great plus point in February.

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    This foundation is fantastic. Because of how lightweight it is, it doesn't provide a whole lot of coverage for blemishes or things like that but it definitely evened out my complexion and gave me a nice glow. Overall would definitely recommend to a friend.

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    Liz claiborne for Men. I love how my skin looks like after applying this product. You can try it at Sephora, here: /ml/av6k my shade in this video is B40. Twitter: m/sagejesse, facebook: m/sagejesse, pinterest: m/jessenluca, luca's Instagram!

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